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Carmel Utilities Informational Videos
Carmel Utilties is producing a series of eight short public service and informational videos that will be shared on social media and the utility's youtube channel.  To view the first four videos, click here.

Beginning November 1st Carmel Utilities bills will have storm water fee included.

Effective November 2014, all property owners with City limits will receive a storm water fee on their Carmel Utilities bill.  Homes, townhomes and condominiums will be billed at $4.95 each month.  Apartments and non-residential properties will be assessed a monthly fee based upon the amount of hard surface (rooftops, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.) on the property. 
    The storm water fee is assessed through the Department of Storm Water Management which is separate from Carmel Utilities.  The storm water fee is being placed on the Carmel Utility bill solely to reduce adminstrative costs.  Additional information is available at www.carmelstormwater.com or you may contact the Department of Storm Water Management at 317-819-7301

Carmel Utilities partners with Invoice Cloud to provide an enhanced payment gateway

 Carmel Utilties and Invoice Cloud have unveiled a new payment gateway that provides enhanced user control and increased payment options. This state of the art gateway allows users to manage their own account, passwords, payment options including the addition of electronic check and recurring payments. Up to 18 months on bill history will eventually be available online and all bills will be able to be downloaded as PDF files. This new gateway includes an upated electronic billing platform that will also send a reminder prior to the invoice due date. Invoice Cloud is PCI compliant, guarding all personal and financial information in accordance with strict federal guidelines. For more information, call 571-2442


City of Carmel Utilities

The Carmel Utility water system was started in 1929 with a single well and limited distribution. As the system grew, additional wells were added starting in 1946 through 2007. Today the Carmel utility water system operates 20 well sites providing water to three treatment facilities with a capacity of 22 million gallons a day. A fourth treatment facility is scheduled to come online in 2012, increasing capacity to 40 million gallons a day.

Through expansion and acquisitions in 2002 and 2006, Carmel Utilities serves over 27,000 customers distributing water through more than 975 miles of water main.

Carmel Utilities award winning wastewater treatment facility and sewer department provides service to nearly 70 percent of the utility’s water customers, and processes a portion of the waste water for Clay Regional Sewer District and the City of Westfield.

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