Billing System Upgrade and Access to Online Payments

Jan 20, 2023

Dear Carmel Utilities and Invoice Cloud customer,

Due to an upgrade with Carmel Utilities billing processes, the Invoice Cloud site may be inaccessible for a systems migration.  Payments and access to invoices for some customers will not be available until 1/24/2023 or after.

The system migration will cause all account numbers to change.  Customers who have previously completed the registration process for profile access will see little to no interruption.  If you have not completed the registration and are attempting to access online payment via an account number, your access will be interrupted.  Please contact customer service with questions.

Any auto payments or scheduled payments due to process may be paused during this time period and will process on or after 1/24/23.   Please note that NO late payment penalties will be assessed during this period.

We apologize for the short-term inconvenience but look forward to future use of an enhanced system with the latest technology, for both our customers and staff.  If you have questions, please contact Carmel Utilities customer service at 317-571-2442 or email