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What to Expect

Carmel Utilities contractor has completed their portion of the work to install the new Neptune water meters which was done in a  phased approach by neighborhood.

  1. At this point of the project, Carmel Utilities is sending out letters to those homeowners and businesses who have not yet had the meter replaced.  The letter requests an appointment time so that the meter change out work can be completed at a mutually agreed upon time.  Most of the meters remaining in this project are in interior locations and require access either inside the home or business.
  2. On the customer’s scheduled installation day, a Carmel Utilities worker will knock on the door at the appointed time to begin the change out process.   Water will be turned off to the home while the meter change out is occurring. The change out of a water meter usually takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Once the change out is complete, it is recommended that the water be run for a few minutes to remove any air in the system or in the case where the meter is located outside, Carmel staff will flush the system using the homeowner’s outside hose to remove air and sediment in the line
  3. If no one answers the door, the installers will leave a note requesting a reschedule of the meter change out.
  4. For Installation questions or to make an appointment, please contact Carmel Utilities Water Operations at 317.733-2855.  or click this “Contact Us” link to email your questions.
Please note: After water meter installation, if the homeowner?s outside hose is not accessible to the installation team, or there is air or sediment in the house plumbing, please perform flushing of the interior lines by running a high-flowing line on COLD, such as a bathtub, for a few minutes until the system is flushed.


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