Why is the Water Meter being replaced?

To replace aging meters reaching the end of their life cycle and introduce new technology. The newer meter saves labor time, prevent recording errors, minimize wear and tear on vehicles, and minimize the need for City employees to access the meter pit.

What is Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI?

Advanced Metering Infrastructure provides more accurate usage information to the Utility and customers reduce wasted water through the enhanced system capability to send alerts and notifications such as stopped meter, customer leak detection, and utility distribution system leak detection.

Will my Water Bill Change?

Possibly. Older mechanical meters tend to lose accuracy as they age and may not accurately measure all the water being used. The new water meter will accurately measure the water that you use. All new meters are tested before delivery by the manufacturer to ensure that they register properly. If you see a higher bill immediately upon the new meter installation and you have not changed your water use pattern, the old meter was likely running slow, or you have a minor leak in the system that wasn’t registering correctly through the old meter.

Do I have to Pay for my New Meter?

No. Carmel Utilities pays for the costs of the meters and their installation through an $8 million bond paid by existing utility fees. The city has prepared for the cost of this project as part of its annual improvement planning process. This project does not have any current impacts on the existing water and sewer rates.

What Happens If I Have A Problem After the Installation?

Because your water will be turned off temporarily during the meter change process, you may experience a brief period of air or discolored water. In most cases, briefly running your cold water clears up this situation.

If you suspect a leak, have low pressure, or other water-related problems after the meter installation, call Envocore RTS Water Solutions at (888) 632-9626 OR Carmel Utilities Customer Service at (317) 571-2442 to report your concern.

Have the New Meters been Tested for Accuracy and Reliability?

Yes. All new meters have been tested and guaranteed accuracy by the manufacturer, Neptune Technology Group, in compliance with American Water Works Association (AWWA) accuracy standards.

Are Advanced Meters Safe?

Yes. Advanced wireless meters use low-level radio frequencies (RF) to transmit data. Numerous reports and industry group findings show that smart meter technology is very safe. Advanced meters, manufactured by Neptune Technology Group, comply with and exceed FCC standards. The safety and well-being of our customers is our top priority.

What are the Vendor Safety and Installation Requirements?

Carmel Utilities takes safety very seriously — for customers, employees, and contractors. Envocore RTS Water Solutions is our contractor partner and will install these meter upgrades. All contractor partners must meet the same stringent background checks, strict safety guidelines, and high standards of professionalism as Carmel Utility field staff.

Will the Transmitter Radio Frequency Interfere with my Television or Phone?

No, the radio transmission operates in compliance with FCC regulations to avoid interference with other electronic devices. The radio battery is comparable to what a garage door or baby monitor uses.

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